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NARRATOR: A man and instructor at a bathroom sink.

TEACHER: So let’s just first start by feeling your face, feel the whole contour. I know you’ve been living with that face awhile, so let’s just feel it to get a sense of the area we’re going to cover. So up near your sideburns, along the jaw line. Using your free hand–I know you’re right-handed–your shaver will be in your right hand, so using your left hand, I want you to use that as your guide. And your left hand is going to precede the area that you’re going to shave. So just keep that in mind, and let’s see what kind of success we have to get started. Now, don’t forget to use your hand to cover that area. Keep it exactly covering…preceding the area you’re shaving. That way you can feel. Make sure you’re feeling as you’re going along.

NARRATOR: Electric shaver buzzing.

TEACHER: You’re getting it all done, right up to the jaw line, your chin line. Use your other hand–don’t forget that hand. Keep that up there. Your face looks like a baby. [Both laugh] I like that. All right. Now, how does that feel?

MAN: It feels fine.

TEACHER: Do you think you’ve gotten those areas that you were missing previously?

MAN: I think so.

TEACHER: Do you think you’ll actually use this now that we did it this way?

MAN: Yes, I do.

TEACHER: Okay, and I think you look really very handsome.