Older Americans, numbering approximately 34.4 million, are living longer than ever as the United States increasingly becomes an aging society. Although many older people are living fuller, healthier, and more productive lives, many others find themselves dealing with chronic health and physical conditions associated with aging. Vision loss is one concomitant of aging. When not addressed, vision loss can have a significant impact on the older person. But many services, including emotional support, are available to older individuals with visual impairments. In addition, many simple techniques can be learned for continuing to work and live independently with impaired vision. This website section contains information useful to older people with vision loss and their family members and to professionals as well. There are resources on the causes of visual impairment and how to live independently with vision loss; information on advocacy and on how to undertake effective legislative efforts; and materials on important national activities being carried out on behalf of improved services for older visually impaired persons.