Tips on Navigating Public Bathrooms with a Vision Impairment

By Peer Advisors Empish J. Thomas and Lynda Jones About a month ago VisionAware received an awkward but important question on the message boards. The person wanted to know about the best ways to access public bathrooms. Of course, going to the bathroom is something that we all must do but trying to figure out … Continued

Suggestions for Preparing Your Taxes as a Person with Vision Loss

It’s that dreaded time of year again, April 17, the date that our income taxes are due, looming large on the horizon. We have asked VisionAware’s peer advisors to comment on their strategies for managing their income taxes. We have also updated our tax guide with additional links and resources, thanks to peer advisor Elizabeth … Continued

Why I Have Written Three Series of Articles About My Experience with Macular Hole and Pseudo Macular Hole

by Joy R. Efron, Ed.D.   People have asked why I have written three series of articles about my experiences with macular hole and pseudo macular hole. The simple explanation is that I am attempting to reciprocate—to thank the many people who helped me—by helping others. My impressive visual recovery would not have been possible … Continued

Appreciating Disability Employment Awareness Month

by Suzanne Turner, Guest Blogger October has become one of the months that is known for many celebrations of awareness. This month highlights Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, White Cane Safety Day, Meet the Blind Month, and my favorite, National Disability Employment Awareness Month. The reasoning behind my enthusiasm for Disability Employment … Continued

Re-Imagining Health Care for the 21st Century: With Value and Access for All?

By Ann Pilewskie, AFB Public Policy Intern, guest blogger Health Care. Such loaded words these days. ACA, AHCA, BCRA, Private Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare—what does all of this mean? Of course, it means different things to different people. If you are covered by your employer, generally that is a good thing. If you are covered under … Continued

Protect Amtrak: An Important Part of Our Transportation Infrastructure

Editor’s Note: In our Independence Day post, we discussed the 21st Century Agenda on Aging and Vision Loss and the first goal of increasing funding for services to maximize independence for older persons with vision loss. In today’s post, we cover one of the initiatives of goal three of the Agenda, the need for good … Continued

Mental Health and Visual Impairment: Peer Perspectives

Mental Health Awareness Month Editor’s Note: According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately one in five adults in the U.S., 43.8 million or 18.5 percent, experience mental illness every year. Since 1949, May has been observed as Mental Health Awareness Month, specifically highlighting and educating the public about mental illnesses. The campaign also … Continued

Maintaining Independent Living with a Visual Impairment

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is from guest blogger, Jackie Waters. Jackie is a mother of four boys and lives on a farm in Oregon. She is passionate about providing a healthy and happy home for her family and aims to provide advice for others on how to do the same through her own website. She … Continued