Bioptic Driving — What Is It? Could it Work for You?

Are you someone with low vision and wondering if driving with bioptic lenses is possible? Discuss your eligibility with your eyecare professional and state driver’s license agency. If you are eligible, driving with low vision and bioptics is your decision. Continue reading for more information and learn more during the live webinar on February 28 … Continued

New Research: Automobile Side Windows Do not Offer Sufficient Protection from UV Light, Increase the Risk of Cataracts and Other Eye Diseases

United States government regulations require automobile windshields to be made with laminated glass to lessen potential injury when shattered. The combination of laminated glass and extra-thick glass in front windshields provides protection against ultraviolet-A radiation. However, new research from California indicates that automobile side windows do not provide the same level of protection against ultraviolet-A … Continued

The Five Top Ways I Use Uber

Why I Use Uber The past year Uber has revolutionized my life. It has been an excellent alternative to public transportation, cabs, hiring personal drivers and asking for rides from friends. I have used Uber for all kinds of commuting around the Atlanta Metro area. Doctor appointments, work-related meetings, grocery shopping, and outings with friends … Continued

Megabus: A Safe and Affordable Transportation Option for People Who Are Visually Impaired

I just came back from my first trip on Megabus and I am happy to report it was a great success. I went from Atlanta to Knoxville, a 3.5 hour bus ride, to visit my daughter. She recently got engaged and I wanted to go visit so we could work on wedding plans. Megabus made … Continued

My First Adventure with Uber

Editor’s Note: This is part of our ongoing series on Laughter is Often the Best Medicine, a series that encourages people who are blind or visually impaired to laugh at themselves and celebrate victories. An Accidental Adventure Early this week I tried Uber for the very first time. It was more by accident than anything … Continued

The Transportation Problem: Finding Rides When You Can’t Drive

Editor’s Note: The information in this post has been updated in this article, The Transportation Problem: Finding Rides When You Can’t Drive As an Individual with Vision Loss. For additional tips and transportation alternatives, check out the Transportation section on VisionAware. The Transportation Problem One of the most difficult challenges for people with vision loss … Continued

New Research: An Innovative Simulator Evaluates Eye Diseases and Driving Performance

The University of California, San Diego School of Medicine is the first ophthalmology department in the country to feature a fully dedicated, high-fidelity, realistic driving simulator to evaluate the effects of visual impairment, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, on an individual’s driving performance. The UC San Diego driving simulatorSource: UC San Diego Health System … Continued