Stay Healthy and Fit as an Older Person Who is Blind or Low Vision

Staying Healthy and Fit Can Be Easier Than You Think   By Amy Lynn Smith   Editor’s note: Are you looking to better your health and fitness as a person who is blind or low vision? Gather counsel from Anisio Correia, a semi-retired vision rehabilitation therapist who is blind. Learn how he stays healthy and fit … Continued

Team “Daring Sisters” Running to Celebrate the 30-year Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

After losing most of my sight to Retinitis Pigmentosa, I started back running in 2000 with a tether and a guide. Sometimes that guide was my husband, Steve; other times friends have guided me, and, at times, even someone I met for the run of the day. I love to run, and it has felt freeing as I … Continued