Glaucoma Treatment and Low Vision

As we end Glaucoma Awareness Month and begin Low Vision Awareness Month, it is important to be aware of new treatments for glaucoma as well as the implications of glaucoma for visual functioning and daily tasks. What is Glaucoma? “Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that can lead to blindness by damaging the optic nerve. … Continued

Healthy Vision Month: Learn About Age-Related Eye Conditions

It’s Older Americans Month as well as Healthy Vision Month. This year’s Healthy Vision Month focus is on protecting vision together as a family and finding out about resources for access to eye care. In preparation for Healthy Vision Month, Dr. Sefy Paulose recently updated our eye conditions section, and Dr. Paulose will be presenting … Continued

Glaucoma: An Eye Condition with Worldwide Impact 

VisionAware has just updated our Glaucoma Information. Why? Because people who are living with this eye condition need creditable information and resources. And…  Glaucoma Affects Millions of People  According to the National Eye Institute, from 2010 to 2050, the number of people in the U.S. with glaucoma is expected to increase by more than double, … Continued

January Is Glaucoma Awareness Month

VisionAware partners with the National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) to provide important resources and updated information about glaucoma and other eye conditions.  According to NEHEP, glaucoma is a leading cause of vision loss and blindness in the United States, and it has no early symptoms. Therefore, half of those who have glaucoma are not … Continued

May Is Healthy Vision Month

Healthy Vision Month 2021: Eye on Health Equity  VisionAware joins with the National Eye Institute (NEI) in bringing attention to this important month. This year’s theme is the importance of increasing diversity in the eye health field — and how that can help everyone have an equal chance for healthy vision.   Healthy vision has many components:  Eat right. Try green and leafy vegetables and … Continued

Glaucoma: My Denial Of The Invisible Enemy Within

A Myopic View Myopia or nearsightedness is a condition I’ve lived with all of my life. Being able to see things at an extremely close distance, but not see things far away, was normal for me and I successfully managed living with myopia most of my life through the benefit of corrective lenses.  The first time I heard I had high … Continued

January is Glaucoma Month: Make a New Year’s Resolution to Get a Dilated Eye Exam

According to the National Eye Institute (NEI), “glaucoma is a leading cause of vision loss and blindness in the United States. Many people don’t know that glaucoma has no symptoms in its early stages.”  NEI further states that “the only way to find out if you have glaucoma is to get a comprehensive dilated eye exam. There’s no cure for glaucoma, but early treatment can often stop the damage and … Continued

World Sight Day: Learn More About “Avoidable Blindness” and Schedule a Comprehensive Eye Examination

World Sight Day is an international “day of awareness,” coordinated by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB). The purpose of World Site Day is to focus attention on the global issue of avoidable blindness and visual impairment. It is held each year on the second Thursday of October. This year, World Sight … Continued

Disarming Glaucoma, the Sneak Thief of Sight: Wills Eye Hospital’s Glaucoma Detection and Treatment Program

Only Comprehensive Eye Exams Can Detect Disease According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in the United States, but only 50 percent of those affected are aware they have the disease. Often referred to as the "sneak thief of sight," glaucoma is normally painless, and vision loss may progress … Continued

World Glaucoma Week

The week of March 11 is World Glaucoma Week. Glaucoma is a serious condition that merits serious attention. It’s time for a recap of the extensive information that VisionAware offers about glaucoma. Glaucoma often is called "the sneak thief of sight" for good reason: Many people are unaware that glaucoma has few symptoms or warning … Continued