New Research: Gene Therapy Restores Some Vision in Clinical Trials for Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA)

Gene therapy for the treatment of specific eye and retinal disorders, such as Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA), has shown promise, but research has produced uneven results thus far and has not produced a cure. To date, gene therapy studies have raised concerns among researchers, including inconsistent initial and longer-term results, such as this LCA gene … Continued

Could Echolocation Become a “Complete Sensory Replacement” for Sight? New Research Says Yes

New research from the United Kingdom and Canada has examined the influence of echolocation (explained below), a method that many blind persons use to perceive the location and structure of objects in the environment. The researchers determined, via controlled experimentation, that “echolocation is not just a functional tool to help visually impaired individuals navigate their … Continued

Do You Have Problems with Light and Glare Sensitivity? Meet Leann Gibson, Who Has Been There Too!

Leann Gibson was born and raised in the small community of Wainwright, Alberta, Canada. Leann and her husband Steve are professional chefs who “fell in love over a buffet line,” as they like to say. Steve also serves in the Canadian military; thus, says Leann, “Moving is a way of life, so our home is … Continued

Celebrating White Cane Safety Day and Blind Americans Equality Day: October 15, 2014

White Cane Safety Day is an international observance that is celebrated on October 15 of each year since 1964. Its purpose is to (a) celebrate the achievements of people who are blind or visually impaired and (b) acknowledge and pay tribute to the long white cane, a critically important mobility tool and potent symbol of … Continued

Meet Lorraine Keller, Ph.D. and My Mobile Light™ Low Vision Aid at Technical Vision, Inc.

Lorraine Keller, Ph.D. is the CEO of Technical Vision, Inc., a medical equipment company specializing in the design and manufacture of quality personal assistive devices. Technical Vision’s customers, many of whom are older adults, live every day with chronic, uncorrectable eye conditions. These conditions include macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal disease, and age-related night blindness – … Continued

Meet Robert Wall Emerson, Ph.D. and the Newly-Funded “Better Long White Cane” Project

Robert Wall Emerson, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies at Western Michigan University (WMU) in Kalamazoo. Dr. Wall Emerson, in conjunction with WMU colleagues Dae Shik Kim, Ph.D. (the principal investigator) and Koorosh Naghshineh, Ph.D., is the recent recipient of a $421,125 grant award from the National Institutes … Continued

Meet Duane Geruschat, Ph.D. and the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis at Second Sight Medical Products

Duane Geruschat, Ph.D. specializes in rehabilitation research with persons who are blind and visually impaired. His primary interest is in low vision orientation and mobility. He is a certified orientation and mobility specialist (COMS) and a certified low vision therapist (CLVT). Dr. Geruschat began his career working at a school for children with multiple disabilities … Continued

Guest Blogger Jeremiah Taylor: A Tribute to Wojtek Jacobi, My Orientation and Mobility Instructor

Guest blogger Jeremiah Taylor (pictured at left) is the founder and CEO of ProActive Sales, Inc., a full-service sales management company. In 1999, Jeremiah became suddenly and totally blind as a result of complications during routine back surgery. You can read more about Jeremiah’s (and his wife Jo-Ann’s) long, steady, and inspirational journey – from … Continued

Our Readers Want to Know: How Can I Travel Safely Outdoors if I’m Blind or have Low Vision?

Editor’s note: One of the many benefits associated with an online information center and website, such as VisionAware, is the ability to track readers’ search terms [i.e., information readers are seeking as they search the Internet]. The following questions about outdoor travel with low vision or blindness consistently rank within VisionAware’s top twenty information searches: … Continued

Packing for Holiday Travel

Editor’s Note: The peer advisors can’t get enough of sharing their tips and advice on travel tips for people who are blind or visually impaired. Last week Sue Bramhall shared her travel tips from the perspective of a business owner of a travel tour company. This time DeAnna Quietwater Noriega shares hers but with a … Continued