thumbnail image of Getting Started kit from VisionAware Our tip sheets can help you get started. Over 20 million Americans report trouble seeing, and that number is on the rise. Coping with vision loss can feel overwhelming and stressful, but when armed with the right information, you can face the future with confidence. With that in mind, the VisionAware™ “Getting Started” kit was created to provide hope and help to handle the challenges of vision loss, and to connect you and your family members with specialized services and products available to assist with everyday life with vision loss. These tip sheets are just a small sample of the wealth of information you will find on, including newsletters and blogs with the latest news on vision loss, and in-depth articles on eye conditions and on living with vision loss as well as vision rehabilitation professionals who can help you cope with vision loss. We also encourage you to download and share these free tip sheets from VisionAware; available in both English and Spanish. Right-click on any of the links below and choose “Save Target As…” to download them to your own computer. To receive a print copy, register for VisionAware. We are also happy to provide a plain-text version of the “Getting Started” kit that you can print out in your preferred font size. You can also download the audio version of the VisionAware™ “Getting Started” Kit in English.

Kit de “Primeros Pasos” de VisionAware™ en Español

You can also download the text version in Spanish. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please email us at