The Frogtown Low Vision Support Group of Toledo, Ohio, was started by Paul “Rocky” Rachow and his wife Jan in 2005 with a group of others interested in developing a support group to assist others to better deal with their loss of vision. Today, the group is still going strong with up to seventy people attending the monthly meetings held at the Reynolds Corners Library in Toledo. The age range of members is quite broad and is almost equally split between men and women.

Rocky and Jan continue as leaders of the group. Although they say it was hard work to get it started, their work was made easy with everybody enthusiastically pitching in.

The group does not collect set dues but they do accept donations that help defray the cost of coffee, snacks and supplies. The library offers free meeting space. Dr. J. Gregory Rosenthal, a local retinal specialist, has been a strong supporter of the group.

The group hosts speakers, holds a variety of programs, and celebrates special events such as their annual June picnic, the October Feast, Christmas Party, and a Caregiver recognition event.

Rocky says proudly, “We distribute flyers/brochures and many articles on Frogtown have been written in local papers. We have also had television exposure a few times. Our group feels it is important to promote the needs of the visually impaired to the general public and to governmental agencies. We have also started sponsoring a new Visually Impaired Children’s Support Group.”