Alexa, a certified orientation and mobility specialist, talks about her work to help the visually impaired with their mobility.

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Transcript of An Introduction by Alexa, Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist: Video

NARRATOR: Title: Alexa, certified orientation and mobility specialist. Alexa sits, talking into the camera.

ALEXA: Hi, there. My name is Alexa McIntyre, and I’m a certified orientation and mobility specialist. My job is to give you the tools so that you can move safely in any environment; in your home, in your workplace, and just out and about in the community.

NARRATOR: At a mall, a man takes hold of Alexa’s elbow using the sighted guide technique. They walk together.

ALEXA: We will help you to become more familiar and comfortable with your surroundings, and will introduce you to tools that will help you to move confidently front point A to point B.

NARRATOR: A woman and man, separately, each using a cane as they walk along a sidewalk. Copyright 2010 by American Foundation for the Blind,