Amazon made its line of Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablets speech-accessible using modified versions of Android screen reader and screen magnification software. Here is how the Kindle works:

  • Turn on the Kindle Fire’s speech by holding the power button until you hear a beep.
  • Place two fingers slightly apart on the screen for about five seconds.
  • The Kindle will begin speaking, prompting you to continue pressing your fingers against the screen to complete the installation of the voice access software.
  • Performing the same steps with three fingers calls up screen magnification.

Kindle Navigation Gestures

A brief tutorial helps you learn and practice several of the navigation gestures, including swiping left or right to advance forward or backward, double-tapping to activate an item, sliding one finger down and left to go back and sliding it up and to the left to go to the device’s home screen.

Kindle Marquee Features

One of the Marquee features available on the Kindle Fire HDX and HDX 8.9, but not the Fire HD, is the Mayday Button. A tap of this button summons live video help, with the representative’s image on your screen. The video feed is one-way only, and the rep only can hear your voice. He or she can, with your permission, take control of your Kindle, to troubleshoot problems or walk you through a quick how-to within 30 seconds.

Enjoying Your Kindle

You can purchase videos, music and books from the Amazon Store on the Kindle Fire and enjoy them almost instantly. With an Amazon Prime membership, you also receive free access to their extensive library of movies and TV programs, along with the Kindle lending library stocked with over 350,000 titles you can keep as long as you like.

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