[Description: Bryan instructs woman on reading book using floor lamp with flexible arm]

Bryan: Hi I am Bryan Gerritsen and I am a certified low vision therapist.

[Description: Bryan adjusts lighting in bathroom]

Bryan: As a low vision therapist, I fill many different roles. One is to work with eye doctors to help patients with low vision.

[Description: Bryan shows woman an illuminated kitchen cabinet]

Bryan: Another is to work with people at home, work or other settings to help them learn to use low vision devices to carry out every day tasks.

[Description: Woman views pictures of grandchildren and plays cards using adjustable desk lamp. Woman reading magnified numbers with portable video magnifier]

Bryan: These include close tasks such as reading,

[Description: Women writing with a writing guide, knitting, and using a computer screen]

Bryan: writing, sewing or viewing a computer screen.

[Description: Woman standing outside using spectacle mounted binoculars]

Bryan: or distance tasks such as such as seeing faces, TV or scenery.

[Description: Woman reaching into well-lighted cabinet]

Bryan: I also help people with low vision

[Description: Woman reading soup can under lamp]

Bryan: learn to use their vision more effectively.

[Description: Bryan instructs woman on reading book with magnifier]

Bryan: One technique I teach is called “eccentric viewing”, which helps people who have central vision loss perform tasks such as reading.

[Description: Man reaching into illuminated cabinet]

Bryan: A low vision therapist may also suggest how you can improve illumination through proper lighting for tasks you want to accomplish…

[Description: Dark plates and cups are displayed in contrasting white cabinet]

Bryan: and enhance contrast in your work or home environments.

[Description: Marty talks about low vision]

Marty: My low vision therapist helped me to pick out the correct devices that I needed for different tasks.

[Description: Reads book with magnifier]

Marty: I have one magnifier that lays flat on my book, and another magnifier that helps me to read things like frozen corn packages. Also different surfaces like medicine bottles.

[Description: Marty viewing sign wearing binoculars]

Marty: And I have binoculars that help me to see the crosswalk sign when I cross the street. Having these devices helps me to lead a day-to-day, normal life with more freedom and more independence.

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