Rae, a certified vision rehabilitation therapist, talks about how she helps people with low vision to live more independent lives.

An Introduction by Rae, Certified Vision Rehabilitation Specialist: Video

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Transcript of An Introduction by Rae, Certified Vision Rehabilitation Specialist: Video

NARRATOR: Title: Rae, certified vision rehabilitation specialist. Rae stands in kitchen setting, talking into camera.

RAE: Hi, I’m Rae Burns. As a rehabilitation teacher, I’ve been helping people with low vision live more independent lives for over 20 years, and I think I can help you.

NARRATOR: Rae observes a woman using a knife attached by its tip to a cutting board to cut vegetables in her kitchen. Then, Rae watches a man using an electric shaver, using one hand as a guide.

RAE: Most people don’t realize what a big difference a few simple, inexpensive modifications around the home can make in their everyday lives.

NARRATOR: Oven controls are shown with raised markings; then, a clock is show with large numbers in high contrast.

RAE: As we go through the main rooms in your home, I will offer ways to maximize your useable vision, and better adapt your home to your needs.

NARRATOR: A woman walks down steps marked with white contrasting tape against a dark step. A woman holds railing painted a dark contrasting color to the wall. Then, a woman marks a small appliance with raised fluorescent paint to indicate settings.

RAE: And here is the best part: With a little effort and creativity, you can greatly increase your independence and make everyday activities less challenging, safer, and more enjoyable.

NARRATOR: Copyright 2010 by American Foundation for the Blind, aphcareerconnect.org/seniorsite.