Chip, assistive technology specialist, talks about how he helps people with low vision to use adaptive technology to improve their lives.

An Introduction by Chip, Assistive Technology Specialist: Video

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Transcript of An Introduction by Chip, Assistive Technology Specialist: Video

NARRATOR: Title: Chip, assistive technology specialist. Chip sits in front of television-style magnification device.

CHIP: My name is Chip Lanning. For the past 10 years, I’ve been helping people with low vision become aware of how adaptive technology can significantly improve their lives.

NARRATOR: Chip and a man look at magnified view of a pill bottle on a television-style screen.

CHIP: Even though there are many technological advances for those with low vision, there are generally two problems: either people don’t know what options exist or they are reluctant to ask for help.

NARRATOR: Portable device magnifies a restaurant menu. A man using scanner that reads text aloud.

CHIP: When people lose their vision, they can also lose a lot of their independence. But, here’s the good news: With the help of adaptive technology, they can gain much of that independence back.

NARRATOR: Copyright 2010 by American Foundation for the Blind,