Birdie uses one hand to find her keyhole, and the other hand to guide the key into the hole.

It can be difficult to locate the keyhole of your front door when vision decreases. It may be helpful to not only mark your key with a tactile or brightly colored marking, but to also outline your keyhole.

Bump dots, colored tape, puff paint, nail polish, or many other common items can be used to mark your key and keyhole respectively. See Labeling and Marking for information about the full range of everyday and specialty marking materials.

Often, it is easy to determine where the key goes by using your sense of touch alone. Use one hand to locate the keyhole, and the other to insert the key. Likely, you will try to put your key in upside down, but with practice, you will quickly learn which way the key needs to be inserted once you locate the keyhole with your hand.

One other way to more easily locate your keyhole is to use a lighted keychain or small lighted magnifying glass. This can provide enough light to better illuminate the keyhole, and make it easier to insert the key.

This tip was provided by VisionAware Agency of the Month, Center for People with Disabilities.