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Transcript of Use of Halogen Lighting Video

NARRATOR: A man in a kitchen.

BRYAN: Halogen lighting is a type of incandescent lamp. It’s perhaps the brightest type of illumination available. It appears white, and it is intense. When used in a ceiling, it may be superb for providing a spot on an area like a stove, or a cabinet. It also can be used for under the counter lighting, to help see tasks like food preparation. A halogen light, mounted in or near the ceiling, may be very helpful for illuminating a cupboard, a storage area, a library, or even a washer and dryer in the laundry room.

NARRATOR: Another man loading a washing machine.

BRYAN: Mark is using halogen light mounted overhead in the ceiling to provide helpful spot illumination as he puts clothes in the washer.

NARRATOR: In a kitchen.

BRYAN: An inexpensive clamp-on halogen light can provide helpful spot illumination inside the cabinet, on a counter for food preparation, in a reading or sewing area, or even a workbench.

Mark is using the halogen swing arm lamp to see the ingredients for mixing brownie mix, and also the clamp-on gooseneck lamp to provide excellent illumination right where he’s working. He’s also going to use the spot halogen lights underneath the counter, to see better as he’s cutting vegetables, such as the zucchini and broccoli.

NARRATOR: Mark walks to the stove.

BRYAN: He can use a spot halogen light above the stove to see better as he is preparing his dinner.

NARRATOR: He lifts the lid off a pot on the stove.

BRYAN: One precaution should be added about halogen lamps, however, in that they’re very hot, and care should be taken when working under or near a lamp. Special care should be taken to not touch the lamp.