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Transcript of Positioning of a Light Source Video

NARRATOR 1: Positioning of the light source is as important as the type of light you use for a task. Listen to this overview to learn more.

NARRATOR 2: A man in a living room.

BRYAN: Positioning is so important with lighting, to get the light right where you need it. Floor lamps are often available with an adjustable gooseneck, to allow you to position the light as close as needed, and to provide excellent illumination.

NARRATOR 2: He addresses a woman sitting on a couch.

BRYAN: This particular lamp appears to have a helpful gooseneck, and is typical of something you might find in the Sunday supplement of the newspaper.

NARRATOR 2: He tries to adjust the black lamp head.

BRYAN: Upon closer inspection, however, you can’t bring that gooseneck down very low, and thus, you can’t have the light as bright or close as you like.

This adjustable floor lamp has a very long gooseneck, as well as an adjustable, telescoping stand, so it could be used at a high work area, like the counter in the kitchen, or at an easy chair, couch, or even the bed.

NARRATOR 2: He adjusts the silver lamp near the woman as she knits.

BRYAN: You want the light as close as possible, to give you the most illumination.

This is an incandescent lamp, and therefore it’s very bright, and yet with little glare. It may be a little warm, however, to work under for long periods of time.

NARRATOR 2: A different silver lamp with a very long gooseneck.

BRYAN: This adjustable floor lamp has the longest gooseneck of any that I’ve seen, and therefore could be brought right to where you’re working. I always tell people that it’s like dancing—closer is better.

This is a fluorescent lamp, and therefore it has very even lighting, and you may note that it has very few shadows, for a task like crossword puzzles or sewing. It’s also less hot to work under. However, it’s not as bright as an incandescent lamp.

NARRATOR 2: A smaller silver lamp.

BRYAN: This floor lamp not only has an adjustable gooseneck and a stand that raises and lowers, but also a helpful magnifier that can be used for your crossword puzzles, sewing, or reading. When lowered to the middle of your chest, and kept approximately ten inches from your eye to the lens, the paper or sewing will be in focus.

NARRATOR 2: The lamp illuminates a magnified crossword puzzle.