If you’re experiencing vision loss, there are specialized items you might want to keep on hand in your home office. You may not need all these items; others you may find indispensable.
  • Bold print pens (20/20 pens or Sharpies)
  • Bold lined or raised line paper (with larger than usual spacing)
  • Writing guides to help you easily sign checks, address envelopes, or write lists
  • Tools to make tactile marks on your office equipment, such as adhesive-backed dots or a 3D pen (Hi-Marks is one brand)
different brands of tactile dots displayed on a table Several varieties of tactile dots are on the market.
  • Large button/display telephone (there should be a tactile mark on the “5”); see the article on using a telephone for more information.
  • Large button/display calculator (as with the phone, there should be a tactile mark on the “5”)
  • Large print address book
  • Talking book cassette or CD player (for audio books and periodicals)
  • Multi-task printer/scanner/fax/photocopier (a space saver)
  • Small digital tape recorder (for fast note-taking and to-do lists)
Voice Craft digital recorder You can use a small digital recorder, like this Voice Craft model, to record lists or notes.
  • An expandable file folder or vertical file organizer for easy access to print materials that you use frequently
  • A variety of handheld magnifiers, as recommended by a low vision specialist for your specific eye condition
  • If needed, a substitute for a regular mouse—there are several on the market designed for people with fine motor control difficulties, arthritis, or other conditions, such as the BIGTrack or the Kensington Orbit Optical Trackball.
the Buddy Button mouse If you have trouble manipulating on/off switches, try a device like the Buddy Button, a simple switch activated by pressing anywhere on the surface.

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