NARRATOR: A woman wearing a mauve suit jacket, standing in an office. A computer monitor, telephone, and video magnifier sit on a desk behind her. Then, pictures of men and women in their various home offices.

RAE: Hi, I’m Rae Burns, a rehabilitation specialist who helps people with vision loss. In this section we’re going to show you how to set up a home office, or if you have a home office, how you can make your home office easier to use and more productive.

NARRATOR: A strawberry blonde woman wearing a blue blouse walks to the desk in her home office. She places a magazine on a video magnifier.

RAE: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than four million Americans consider home their primary office. Whether you’re using your office for business or personal reasons, you’ll want to be sure you have the right equipment so that you can maximize your usable vision and work efficiently by being well-organized.

NARRATOR: Various men and women using magnifiers, labelers, and computers in their home offices.

RAE: In the home office section of this website, you will review simple tools that can make a big difference in your organizational skills. We’ll discuss the latest technologies, showing you how tasks like paying bills, reading, and even surfing the web, are now much easier for those with vision loss. We’ll help you set up an effective filing and labeling system to that you can find things quickly and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

You’ll learn to choose the right lighting so that your work area is brightly lit but without glare.

NARRATOR: Rae Burns supervises a woman wearing a purple sweater as she inserts a stack of paper into a shredder.

RAE: We will also provide you with important guidelines so that you can comfortably use a paper shredder to help prevent identity theft and fraud.

The goal of this section is to help you feel comfortable in your home office and to give you the confidence that you can accommodate your vision loss with a few minor adjustments and purchases.

NARRATOR: Rae Burns, standing again in the office.

RAE: I encourage you to spend some time viewing the remaining videos in this section and reading the accompanying resources. Using a home office can be practical, rewarding, and fun. The fact that you’ve come to this website to learn more is a positive first step.