Preventing Falls by Adapting Your Home – Bathroom Video

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Transcript of Preventing Falls by Adapting Your Home – Bathroom Video

NARRATOR 1: Slipping and falling in the bathroom is a common occurrence. But your bathroom doesn’t have to be a danger zone. Simple adaptations can dramatically reduce your chances of tripping or slipping. Here are some ideas.

Apply non-skid mats or appliqués in bold, contrasting colors to the surface of the tub or shower. You should also use color contrasting non-skid mats on the floor, outside the tub or shower. Place a contrasting colored bath mat or towel on the side of the tub to create a visible landmark and show how high you must step. Mount contrasting grab bars in the shower and around the toilet or wrap existing grab bars with contrasting tape. Install a toilet seat or cover that is a contrasting color. If you have glass shower doors, always keep them fully opened or closed, depending on your preference. Knowing where the door is at all times is critical to preventing a potential accident. Use a colored appliqué or towel if there is a towel bar to help you locate the door.

In this graphic, we see a representation of a bathroom before it has been adapted for safety. Although some safety measures have been taken, this is still a hazardous room for individuals with vision loss. As in many bathrooms, everything is in a light, neutral color. This makes it difficult to see potential dangers and locate supports, such as grab bars. A person with vision loss could easily trip on the edge of the tub, or miss the bath mat and slip on a wet floor. Finding the grab bar or a towel could be difficult.

But some simple adaptations and the use of contrasting colors makes this bathroom much safer. Contrasting non-skid bath mats have been added both inside and outside of the tub. Contrasting towels, shower curtain, and grab bar make them easier to locate. Adding a colored shampoo bottle with a large print contrasting label and a colored conditioner bottle with a rubber band make them easier to find and distinguish from each other. Keeping your bathroom safe is not only important for your physical well-being, it important for your independence. Carefully consider the adaptations your bathroom needs to prevent a potential fall.

NARRATOR 2: Four images are shown. A white shower with blue and yellow rubber mats on the floor; a white bathtub with a grab bar and a pink towel over the side of the tub; a bathtub grab bar against a contrasting wall; and a woman’s foot stepping onto a yellow rubber mat on a tile floor.