Preventing Falls by Adapting Your Home – Furniture Video

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Transcript of Preventing Falls by Adapting Your Home – Household Furnishings and Objects Video

NARRATOR 1: The location and use of household furnishings and items must be considered when adapting your home to prevent falls. Here are some ideas.

NARRATOR 2: Photo of a red wall with a white trim door.

NARRATOR 1: Paint door sills, frames, and doorknobs in contrasting colors so they are more visible. Avoid hanging decorations and plants from the ceiling, where they could bump your head. Mirrors should not be hung in places where the sun can cause blinding reflections and glare. Mark all corners of your furniture with contrasting colored pillows or throws to help keep you from bumping into them.

NARRATOR 2: Photo of a living room with an open space in the center.

NARRATOR 1: Arrange your furniture so that there is a clear path for walking, and keep clutter out of walkways. Avoid using furniture on wheels. Make sure that everything is stable. And move out the coffee table. Low coffee tables in the middle of a room are a tripping hazard. Securely fasten bold, contrasting handrails the entire length of any staircase in your home. Every now and then you should check the bolts and brackets to make sure they are secure.

NARRATOR 2: A man applying black tape to a light-colored step.

NARRATOR 1: Mark the edges of your stair steps with a bold, contrasting color to help you identify the edge of the step. In closets, put your shoes on a shoe rack, to keep from tripping on them. Put any other items in your closet into large storage boxes with large print labels. Avoid putting items on high shelves that are difficult to reach.

NARRATOR 2: Photo of a washing machine door lined with orange tape.

NARRATOR 1: After you do your laundry, be sure to close the doors of front-loading washers. Mark the edges of the doors with a contrasting color so you will notice if it has been left open. Use a large button remote control for your television set, so you don’t have to get up and cross the room simply to change the channels. Make sure to always leave it in the same location so you don’t have to search for it.

NARRATOR 2: Photo of a cat.

NARRATOR 1: And finally, don’t forget your furry friends, who can easily get tangled around your feet. Place a bell around your pet’s neck so you are always aware of their location.

Make sure that the furniture and household items in your home are arranged in such a way that you will not trip or be injured by them. Keep useful items close by and keep your walkways clear to minimize your chances of a dangerous fall.

NARRATOR 2: Four images are shown. A large button remote control; a cat wearing a bell on its collar; a table set with a dark tablecloth and light placemats; a woman using a red handrail on a white wall as she walks down stairs marked with contrasting edges.