Preventing Falls by Adapting Your Home – Outdoors Video

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Transcript of Preventing Falls by Adapting Your Home – Outdoors Video

NARRATOR 1: A man and woman walking through a grassy lawn.

NARRATOR 2: Paying attention to conditions outside your home is important for preventing accidents. Repair cracks and uneven surfaces in sidewalks, driveways, and outdoor stairs.

NARRATOR 1: Photo of a man painting handrails on a ramp.

NARRATOR 2: Ask for guidance in unfamiliar or public places and find out about training from a trained orientation and mobility specialist, a person who can teach you how to use a cane to get around in your environment safely and easily.

NARRATOR 1: Two men walking. One man uses a white cane.

NARRATOR 2: Shrubbery and clutter should be kept clear of all pathways.

NARRATOR 1: A front porch with tidy shrubbery.

NARRATOR 2: During the winter months, keep pathways clear of ice and snow by using kitty litter, salt, or asking someone to shovel the walkway. Mark the edges of any outdoor steps with tape or paint in contrasting colors. Securely fasten contrasting handrails to the entire length of any outdoor staircase.

NARRATOR 1: A woman uses a walker as she walks down a ramp. The ramp has handrails that are painted white and at the end of the ramp, the handrails are painted with four purple stripes, indicating the end of the ramp.

NARRATOR 2: When outside, lessen the effects of glare by wearing protective sunglasses or a visor. You don’t have to be afraid to enjoy the wonderful outdoors if you are experiencing with vision loss. Making a few changes can significantly lessen your chance of an injury or fall.

NARRATOR 1: Four images are shown. A person stepping down a step lined with orange tape; a front porch lined with tidy shrubbery; a man and woman wearing sunglasses sitting outdoors; and a front doorstep covered with melting snow.