Preventing Falls by Adapting Your Home – Taking Care of Yourself Video

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Transcript of Preventing Falls by Adapting Your Home – Taking Care of Yourself Video

NARRATOR 1: Photos of senior men and women in their homes and outdoors.

NARRATOR 2: Making adaptations to your home environment is very important to preventing falls. But you can also reduce risk by taking good care of yourself. Maintain your health by eating right and exercising.

NARRATOR 1: A group of men and women at a picnic table with a bowl of fruit. Then, people stretching, doing water aerobics, and walking outdoors.

NARRATOR 2: Exercise can improve strength and balance. Consider joining an exercise group such as tai chi, dancing, aerobics, swimming, or walking. Ask your physician about any restrictions you might have on your physical activity. And of course, you should always be prepared in the event a fall should occur. Consider carrying a large button phone, already programmed to dial 9-1-1.

NARRATOR 1: A large button cell phone is shown. The display screen reads 9-1-1. Then, a man and woman making a checklist as they stand in a living room.

NARRATOR 2: You can start adapting your home to prevent falls right away. Use the checklist on the AFB Senior Site to get started. Ask a family member or friend to help you.

NARRATOR 1: Two men looking at a computer.

NARRATOR 2: Modifying your home with these safety strategies, and adding exercise to your routine, will significantly reduce your risk of falling. As other people with vision loss recommend, the best prevention is making sure you have a clear path of travel and good contrast. Use your cane, use your handrails, and listen carefully to the sounds around you to detect dangerous situations. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Taking these careful steps will reap rewards. Your safety will actually strengthen your independence.