By Gil Johnson

It never fails. Just when you think everything in your home is running smoothly, a light bulb goes dim. Or maybe the troublesome bathroom faucet has started dripping again. And that railing on the basement staircase? It’s been shaky for a while now. Better see about getting it fixed.

Not too long ago, you may not have thought twice about performing these home repairs yourself in your spare time. But with the onset of vision loss, such tasks may seem harder and less safe. It’s natural to feel unsure about acting as your own handyman, or woman.

It may surprise you to learn that a great many people who are blind or visually impaired regularly complete such tasks safely and successfully, often without any assistance or special training. What’s required are some basic skills and the right tools, backed up by good measures of self-confidence and persistence.

Gil Johnson standing by his tools and equipment in his workshop.

This section was designed with these needs in mind. Take things a step at a time and before long you’ll be ready to tackle many of the most common household repair jobs. Remember, even if you ultimately turn a repair job over to someone else, it’s always better to know about what should be done and how to go about it. That knowledge puts you in charge.

In this section, first you’ll find an article on Your Tool Box and a listing of sources of home repair and wood working organizations, adapted tools, and accessible books. Then you’ll find tips on doing a variety of home repairs—be sure to check back regularly, as this list will be updated.

If you find yourself in a fix, or have any home repair questions you need answered, visit our Home Repairs Message Board to find your answer.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should “Do it Yourself”

  1. Because you can.

  2. Because it’s another opportunity to demonstrate to yourself and others that you can live an independent life with vision loss.

  3. Because of the rewarding and empowering feeling of accomplishment it will give you.

  4. Because it’s fun.

  5. Because it saves money.