For individuals with vision loss, not being able to read the information on prescription medications is a particularly dangerous problem. Federal legislation included provisions that mandated the establishment of national best practices for retail and other pharmacies to use in providing accessible prescription drug labeling to customers with vision loss. This includes proper dosage, the name of the medication, accompanying information about possible side effects. The US Access Board was charged with developing best practice guidelines for pharmacists, including advice on delivery methods for providing accessible prescription drug container labels. Please share with your local pharmacist.


Accessible Pharmacy–Designed for Blind Patients


  • Contact them at 215.799.9900 or online at or on the Be My Eyes app specialized help section
  • Mail-order pharmacy designed for blind patients
  • Provide phone and video education/ medication identification through the Be My Eyes app
  • Packaging options
  • Can supply CGMs (Freestyle Libre and Dexcom 6) and Prodigy talking glucometers
  • Service animal medications
  • NY Times article about Accessible Pharmacy (has audio option 13:56)