Transcript of Ameriphone AM6000 AlertMaster® Wireless Notification System Video

NARRATOR 1: Safety is a number one concern for most of us. Access to a smoke detector is critical. However, most smoke detectors have an extremely high-pitched sound when activated. If you have a high-frequency hearing loss, you may have difficulty hearing a smoke detector. When this is the case, there might be a need for a tactile alerting device.

NARRATOR 2: A small black box with braille labels is shown.

NARRATOR 1: One such tactile notification system is the Ameriphone AM6000 AlertMaster. The AM6000 alerts you to telephone calls and the doorbell, and has optional accessories that can alert you to an audio alarm, a crying baby, or the presence of an intruder. The AlertMaster has a belt-worn pager with distinctive vibration patterns, guiding you to the appropriate source sound.

NARRATOR 2: Paige and Mary near a bedside table.

PAIGE: So, I’m going to show you several pieces of equipment. One will help you wake up, if you set your alarm. Let’s say that you need to get up and go to work, or you have an appointment, and so we’ll set the alarm, and if you don’t hear that because you don’t have your hearing aid in or your cochlear implant, we need something to shake you awake.

So, we’ll have you go ahead and set the alarm to whatever time you feel like you want to get up. Now that’s set, so you put the vibrator under your pillow. Now, I’m going to trigger the alarm, so that you can feel the vibrator.

NARRATOR 2: The device begins to shake.

MARY: That should get me up.

PAIGE: Okay, so you can put it either—you can put it under your pillow or you can put it under your mattress. You have three different ways: you can have a vibrator under your pillow or mattress, you can have an audible alarm that you can turn the volume up and down, and then you also have a light, that you can plug it into a lamp and flash.

NARRATOR 2: A lamp flashes off and on.

PAIGE: And we can do the same thing with a smoke alarm.