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Transcript of Mary Peck and Her Dog Guide; Increasing Her Self-Confidence and Mobility Video

NARRATOR: A woman with short gray hair.

MARY: I’d have to say that, I believe my self-confidence was really bolstered by several things. One of them in particular was getting this guide dog. She has been a wonderful companion.

NARRATOR: Mary’s dog, a German Shepherd, rests at her feet.

MARY: I just feel like I can go anywhere with her, I’ve flown to several states in the country. We take buses pretty much anywhere I want to go, she takes the elevator with me.

NARRATOR: Photo of Mary in a coffee shop.

MARY: I just don’t hesitate going places anymore, whereas, I did for a long time. And it’s just improved my life so much to feel better about going places.

NARRATOR: Photos of Mary at the grocery store.

MARY: When I go shopping with her, I walk in, I go straight to the service desk, and I say, “Yes, can I please have a personal shopper?” And someone always comes up and the shopper will push the buggy, and my dog and I will walk alongside of the shopper. And it’s neat how my dog picked up on that. She puts me to where I’m walking right by the personal shopper, and I give the shopper my list, and we just go around the store, and she puts me down the right aisle and helps me shop. It’s, to me, it’s easy.