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Transcript of Mary Offers Encouragement for People with Hearing and Vision Loss Video

NARRATOR: A woman with short gray hair.

MARY: I would like to encourage anybody watching this video that has both a hearing and vision loss, to take back your life. I know that I did. There’s so many places that I wasn’t going that I am now.

NARRATOR: Photo of Mary at a checkout counter.

MARY: And I really feel good about myself. I know that the situation that I’m in is not my fault, it’s just something that happened, and I do the best I can with what I have. I’ve learned to adapt, and I know that I can pretty much do the same thing as someone that doesn’t have this problem. I may do it in a different way, but I can still do the same thing, the end result is the same thing. I just have a little bit different way of doing it. So, I’ve learned to adapt, and the more I can adapt, the better off I am, and I feel like I’ve taken my life back, and I hope that others in this same situation can do the same thing.