Transcript of Overview of Hearing and Vision Loss Video

NARRATOR 1: People doing various tasks in the home and office.

NARRATOR 2: It is not uncommon for older persons to experience both vision and hearing problems. In fact, it is estimated that between eight and ten percent of older persons experience both losses. Having problems with both vision and hearing can make everyday tasks difficult, but does not have to mean a loss of independence or quality of life.

If you or a family member is experiencing combined vision and hearing loss, it is important to learn about what you can do to maintain independence, be able to communicate effectively, and be safe in your home and community.

The videos in this section, which feature Mary, a person who has both hearing and vision loss, will cover some of the devices that are available to help you with your everyday life. Mary will demonstrate a variety of devices used by individuals with both a vision and hearing loss.

By viewing these videos, we hope you will gain a greater understanding of how the use of various aids and devices can help with maintaining independence in many areas of life.