Transcript of RingMax Telephone Alert Video

NARRATOR 1: Hearing the telephone ring is another challenge senior adults often encounter. The RingMax is a multipurpose telephone device that allows the user to customize the telephone ring to make it easier to hear. In addition, you can also increase the volume of the ring, adjust the tone of the ring, and modify the rate and pattern of the ring.

NARRATOR 2: Paige and Mary in a living room.

PAIGE: This device has a volume control, so when the telephone rings, it can go louder or softer, and this just plugs in to your regular phone line with a dual jack.

NARRATOR 2: They hold a small plastic box.

PAIGE: The very first button you see there is for the volume, there are four different clicks. It’s on low now; if you click it down one time, very lightly, that will give you more volume.

NARRATOR 2: They press the button. [alarm sounding]

PAIGE: All right? That’s very low, so if you want the volume higher…

NARRATOR 2: They push the button down again.

PAIGE: …you want to push it down. [alarm blaring] Now, you can go one at a time, to see where the best volume is. The second button on the phone is for the tone. So you can go from a low tone, to a high tone. [alarm changing pitch] All right, we’ll see what the next one is. [alarm sounding] All right, the next one is the ring pattern. [alarm sounding] All right, I’m going to move it down. [alarm beeping] And one more…

MARY: Speed it up. [alarm ringing very quickly]

Personally, I like this one.

PAIGE: All right, but you can also change the tone then as it’s ringing. So let’s let it ring again. [alarm ringing at a lower tone]

MARY: I like that one.

PAIGE: Okay, so you have options, and sometimes, individuals need two or three different pieces of equipment.