Transcript of VibraCall® Alert System Video

NARRATOR 1: Another such multi-use device is the VibraCall System, which can be used in addition to the standard smoke detector. This device is also helpful in alerting you to the ringing of the telephone, or the doorbell.

NARRATOR 2: The device, and two plactic doorbell buttons, are shown.

NARRATOR 1: The VibraCall, made by Silent Call, is a wireless personal alert system. The lightweight receiver is attached to your clothing with a built-in clip, or placed in a pocket in order for you to feel the vibration. The transmitter sends a signal to the unit from a device such as a smoke detector, a doorbell, a telephone, or an additional transmitter signal of your choice. You then push all four of the buttons in a learned order. Only the button activated will cause the receiver to vibrate a second time…

NARRATOR 2: A person presses the buttons.

NARRATOR 1: …notifying the user which transmitter sent the coded signal.

NARRATOR 2: Paige and Mary holding a small black box.

PAIGE: It has four buttons on the top of the box, and it also has braille on one side, but you don’t have to know braille to use this, you just learn the pattern. And the first button is “S” for Sound, the second button is “P” for Phone, the third button is “D” for Door, and the last button is “F” for Fire. I’m going to activate the smoke detector. Now once this vibrates, you’ll want to reach over to this little pager and you’ll push down the buttons until it vibrates again.

NARRATOR 2: Mary presses each button on the device.

PAIGE: Now, I’m going to do another sound and we’ll see what this is. So press down all of the buttons until it vibrates again.

MARY: The third one.

PAIGE: The third one’s the doorbell.

MARY: Oh, the doorbell.

PAIGE: That’s right.

MARY: Somebody’s at the door.

PAIGE: That’s right. So do you see how something like this might be very helpful?

MARY: Oh, yes; the vibrator will alert me. That’s the good feeling about it.

PAIGE: Yes, it is. And you know you can use it for the telephone, for the smoke detector, for the doorbell, and another sound. And a sound—let’s say you’re taking care of grandchildren, you can put a little microphone up over the crib, and if the baby cries, then you would know that.

MARY: This would alert me?

PAIGE: That’s correct. And for all of those systems, it’s wireless. The telephone, you have a dual jack, and so, you plug this little transmitter into one of the plugs and you plug your telephone line into the other. Here’s your portable doorbell, and you just Velcro the doorbell on the outside. Now, the good part about this is, during the day when you’re up and you’re doing things, you can put this right on your belt, or your pocket.

MARY: So like, if I’m vacuuming or something like that.

PAIGE: That’s right. So, you can use this during the day, you can use it at night. Isn’t that great?

MARY: Yes, it is; it’s neat.

PAIGE: It is, it is neat.

NARRATOR 1:: When sleeping, the unit can be connected to a sleep alert charger, which has a small vibrator attached. You simply put the vibrator under your pillow or mattress, and when the unit is activated, the vibrator will shake you awake.

NARRATOR 2: A small plastic disk vibrates under a pillow.