Transcript of Westminster Door Chime Video

NARRATOR 1: Hearing a knock on the door may be difficult if you have combined hearing and vision loss. A door chime that is particularly helpful is an eight-note Westminster Chime. Because the doorbell chime has eight notes, it gives the user much more information than a traditional two-note doorbell.

NARRATOR 2: The chime, a small plastic box, is shown.

NARRATOR 1: In addition, the Westminster Chime delivers both high and low frequency notes.

NARRATOR 2: Paige and Mary in a living room.

PAIGE: All right, Mary, I want to show you several doorbells today. The doorbell that you have is just two notes. [doorbell ringing]

MARY: Okay, that’s what I’m used to.

PAIGE: One of the things we want to show you is a doorbell that has eight notes. It’s called a Westminster Chime and it has frequencies that go low tones up to high tones. So wherever your hearing loss is, it probably will fall within that range that you get more information. And the good thing about one of these, it’s wireless, so there are no wires, it all runs on battery. And the doorbell itself, I’ll show you, it’s just a little button like this, and you can put Velcro on it and put it right outside your door.

MARY: Oh, wow!

PAIGE: And if you need a couple of receivers, then you can buy several of them, and you can put one in the living room, one in your bedroom, or other areas of the home. They’re very inexpensive, and you can get them just at one of your local hardware stores. But if you want to go ahead and press that bell, you’ll see.

NARRATOR 2: She presses the small plastic button. [doorbell chiming] Mary listens and smiles.

MARY: That’s cool.

PAIGE: That is pretty cool, isn’t it?

MARY: It is.

PAIGE: Good.