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Transcript of Wireless Infrared System for Assistive Listening Video

NARRATOR 1: The most common assistive listening device is the hearing aid. However, there are times when those who wear hearing aids may need additional amplification. There are a variety of assistive listening devices available. Some are hardwired for one-to-one communication. For a group or lecture setting, a wireless or infrared system might be used.

NARRATOR 2: Paige and Mary in a living room. The TV is on.

PAIGE: Mary, one of the things you told me you had difficulty with was understanding speech on the television, that you had to turn it up a little louder, and that meant other people didn’t want to be in the same room with you, and that happens quite a lot. There’s a microphone that I have attached right to your television, and a device on the top, it’s called an infrared system, so there are no wires that are attached to you. Now I have a headset for you to put on, and then you turn the volume control up and down, ’til you can hear and understand the speech comfortably.

MARY: I notice there’s no wires to it, I like that.

PAIGE: That’s a good thing. And you want to make sure that there’s no interruption between you and the signal, because this is infrared. So if you put your hands up, you’ll get static.