Amy sitting on steps and smiling into the camera Amy Bovaird is an upbeat author who is visually impaired and an experienced world traveler. She has written several books such as Seeking Solace: Finding Joy after Loss, Cane Confessions: the Lighter Side to Mobility, and  Mobility Matters. She was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at 28 and was declared legally blind. Amy worked as a specialist in second language acquisition for nearly 30 years. Her career took her to Latin America, South East Asia, and the Middle East. Amy now views life as a personal adventure and has traded her overseas experiences for an everyday adventure into blindness. Amy lives in Pennsylvania. She blogs about the challenges she faces as she loses more vision. But more importantly, she shares the lessons God reveals to her through her difficulties. Amy invites you to walk alongside her, take an arm, and lean into the faith and optimism she uses to guide her along her path. Read blog posts by Amy Bovaird on the Visually Impaired: Now What? blog.