Ashley wearing blue blouse and black cardigan smiling at camera

Ashley is 29 years old. She lives in Indian Head, a town in Saskatchewan, Canada, with her husband and three children. She has been visually impaired since birth. Her vision has gradually worsened over the last year. Right now, her vision is still declining, but she has accepted this and taken it in stride and is making the best of it. She has Ocular Albinism with nystagmus and a couple of other smaller things. Her vision is about 20/600 at this time. She is also very light sensitive, which complicates things especially in the winter with the glare off the snow.

She says that she doesn’t like to let her vision stop her from what she wants to do in life. She still does many things that she did when her vision was a little better like camping, hiking, and riding the quad with her husband and kids. She enjoys reading, writing, and being a part of Toastmasters as well as public speaking.

She has been fortunate to have taken advantage of everything the CNIB (Canadian National Institute of the Blind) had to offer since she was young and still does today. She believes that with the right help and equipment people who are visually impaired can live a full and prosperous life, and she is determined to show people what she and others are capable of. Read more about Ashley’s journey.

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