Maxwell wearing a purple shirt and smiling at the camera I am the son of a carnival owner who helps people find new homes for their surplus amusement, concessions, and confections equipment. I am also a blogger, podcaster, and host of a Google hangout about the amusement industry. I’m a lifelong Texan who also happens to be almost totally blind. I have recently branched out to start a second blog where I am sharing more of my personal story including more about the challenges I have had to overcome as a blind entrepreneur. I am also now accepting work as a coach and public speaker in hopes of inspiring and motivating others by my example. I have written four books. The latest is The Blind Blogger’s First Speaking and Signing Adventures : + How You Can Conquer Your Fears. Read Maxwell’s blogs: The Midway Marketplace and The Blind Blogger. Check out Maxwell’s YouTube Channel. Read blog posts by Maxwell Ivey on the Visually Impaired: Now What? blog.