headshot of Melanie smiling, wearing black dress and necklace
Melanie Peskoe

Melanie holds a master’s degree in Public Health and a bachelor’s degree in Communication, both from the University of Louisville. She is currently the AFB  Public Policy and Research Institute Coordinator and formerly  served as a Program Lead for the VisionAware website, which is one of the four websites within the American Printing House for the Blind ConnectCenter. Melanie is also a member of the Aging and Vision Loss National Coalition (AVLNC) and the Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER). Her current projects include working with a team to establish a leadership academy for people who wish to further their careers in the intersectional field of aging and vision loss, as well as research synthesis to help guide the work of stakeholders in the field. Being legally blind since birth, Melanie understands the unique challenges that vision loss presents to older people and it’s her strong desire to bring value and resources to this community.