NARRATOR: Kathleen Gilmore, Age 91, Macular Degeneration/Cataracts

KATHLEEN: I’m a research archaeologist, and I read research papers and bulletins that come out with research, and some of my colleagues call me the oldest living practicing archaeologist.

Using Technology

NARRATOR: Kathleen using various assistive devices.

KATHLEEN: There are all kinds of…well, I call them gadgets, but things that are available to help. So, for instance, if I write a check on the computer, then the speaker tells me what I have written. And I can see part of it, and then I can listen to him and check it twice. Reading is getting a little more difficult all the time. I have, though, a reading machine, I call it. When I first got it, I read some books with it, but now I read my books from the Library of Congress, and that’s been a godsend, and it would be to anybody that loved to read, like I did, and then find all of a sudden that you can’t.

Never Too Old or Too Blind

KATHLEEN: Well, shoot, I get tired too. I don’t have the energy I had when I was 30, say, and nobody does, but, uh, you go ahead and cope with it and do what you want to do.