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NARRATOR 1: People doing various kitchen tasks.

NARRATOR 2: The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s an important room to feel comfortable in. Being able to prepare food for yourself and your family is an important factor in maintaining your independence. We’re going to show you how easy modifications can make food preparation safer, more manageable, and fun again. The skills presented in this section are transferable to other tasks, like making sandwiches.

Assembling a Burrito

NARRATOR 1: Two women at a kitchen counter.

ASSISTANT: Mary, today we’re making a burrito. I know one of the things that you love, and I love those, too.

NARRATOR 1: Ingredients layed out on separate plates.

ASSISTANT: I see that you’ve cooked up several of these at one time and then you assemble them all at the same time. Let’s begin to assemble our burrito. And you tell me, first we take, what?

MARY: The tortilla.

ASSISTANT: Tortilla in the palm of your hand?

MARY: Um-hmm. And then spread the beans.

ASSISTANT: Okay. And how do you like to spread that? Right in the center, not out to the edges?

MARY: Right in the center. Cheese.

ASSISTANT: Mmm, that looks delicious.

MARY: Tomato. Do you want me to make this with hot sauce, too?

ASSISTANT: I love that hot sauce, Mary.

MARY: Okay. Right there.

ASSISTANT: Ooh, that is very… and now show me how you roll that?

MARY: I roll it like this.

ASSISTANT: It’s very tactile, because it’s right in the palm of your hand, isn’t it?

MARY: Then put it on the plate.


NOTE: Throughout the video, the following directions for preparing a burrito were also listed:

  1. Pre-cook tortillas for convenience
  2. Place tortilla in your palm for stability
  3. Place beans in center to avoid spillage
  4. Add toppings
  5. Use plate for a tactile boundary