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NARRATOR: Two women at a kitchen counter.

TEACHER: Mary, today what I thought we would do, you wanted to be able to pour without spilling, right?

MARY: Uh-huh.

TEACHER: And that’s a big thing for a lot of people, so we have a little liquid indicator called a “Say When.” I’m going to hand that to you. What this is is a little 9-volt battery, and those little prongs–what I would like for you to do is feel for your cup on the counter… I want you to stick the prongs of that Say When that’s in your right hand, put that inside the cup but near the handle.

NARRATOR: Puts device on cup.

TEACHER: Perfect. Okay. Now, slide the cup up until it reaches the edge of the pitcher. Perfect. Now, in that position, at the same time I want you to begin to lower the cup down to the counter before we start pouring. Tilt the pitcher at the same time. Cup down on the counter– perfect. You’re doing great. Keep the lip of the pitcher against the cup– good. And begin to pour.

NARRATOR: Liquid pouring.

TEACHER: Keep pouring. [Device beeps] You hear that sound?

MARY: Uh-huh.

TEACHER: Perfect– it’s “when.” That’s perfect! Okay, now let’s remove the Say When from the cup. [Beeping stops] Doesn’t that make it much easier?

MARY: Oh, yeah.

TEACHER: Everything is done with safety.