Employment with Vision Loss

Is vision loss beginning to affect your job performance? Is it becoming difficult to travel to and from your workplace? Do you want to learn more about your legal rights? Are you looking for resources and information that can help and support you? If these are your concerns or those of your family members, relatives, coworkers, and friends, be assured that you don’t have to face these challenges alone.

Today, men and women who are blind or have low vision can access a wide range of rehabilitation, vocational, and training resources that can provide the skills necessary to maintain and/or pursue a wide range of employment options.

Legislation has addressed equal rights and reduced discrimination, while societal attitudes toward people with disabilities have improved dramatically during the past decade. A positive attitude, assertiveness, and being well-prepared to keep your job, seek a promotion, or look for a new position are important components of success in the workplace.

The information in this section can help you learn more about legal rights and legislation, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), assistive technology and training for the workplace, Social Security Disability benefits, and accessing a wide range of job and employment resources.