It's Different. So Keep It Simple, Plow Forward, and Don't Give Up

The job scene has changed dramatically within the past few years. How so? Retirement at age 65 isn't always possible or preferable. Technology is where it's at and using a computer has become the norm and social networking has arrived on the scene. Office atmospheres have changed and now virtual offices exist as well. Plus, in your case, you are also dealing with vision loss and you may even feel that you are unemployable. But don't you believe it and here's why.

Few people get the first job they apply for. To have the cutting edge that will give you a better chance, take advantage of VisionAware’s free employment resource for older workers. It will help you find out what you can do to be successful both in preparing to work in today's world with vision loss and what's new in looking for a job! Learn about the technologies and techniques that are available to help you locate a job, add new skills to already existing ones and use your experience, work ethic and contacts you already have to secure employment.

Tip: Enjoy the process! Don't stress yourself by trying to do too much all at once. Break the steps down into manageable pieces that when properly completed, will bring good results.

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If you still feel you need more help, consider taking The Job Seeker's Toolkit, a free online course for job seekers with vision loss.